At 104, Mr. Joe Saccone can still charm this dental team with his sweet smile and a great sense of humor!

           Joe Saccone, a treasured member of the Marin community, founder of United Market and Marin Bocce enthusiast, stopped by this week to make sure his pearly whites were in top condition! When asked what the key was to maintaining his smile all these years, he said "My secret to keeping my teeth for over 100 years is to see my favorite dentist regularly, use my electric toothbrush - brushing my gums ALWAYS. I eat healthy, having very little sugar, though I do like a good chocolate every once in a while!  But the true key to longevity is a nightly scotch - 18 year old is my preference."  Joe has been so dedicated to his oral health, that he came to his dental cleaning scheduled on his 100th birthday!  We were so pleased to see him, we told him "this one is on us - you earn a complementary cleaning every 100 years! Joe will celebrate #105 in January 2019! We wish you well!

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Joe celebrates his 100th birthday

United Market circa 1960